【Recommended sweets】 Tea Hall Izumi

Hello everyone In October, it's a nice climate to go out with a kimono.

Speaking of Kyoto as a way out, there are many shrines around the temples, to enjoy little Japanese sweets during the walk. This time, I'll introduce you to the Japanese confectionery "Tea Hall Izumi" which is diagonally opposite the Oike Bettei ♪

In a good restaurant with a calm atmosphere, there is a choice of Japanese confectionery to take away at the entrance and a café area at the back.

This time we tried the "Matcha perfect cake"

Matcha biscuit, green tea ice cream, green tea gelatine and the best from the top to the bottom of the matcha ♡ There is also warabi mochi and a perfect fusion for the season from now, so you can eat this in Kyoto like sweets.

And this adorable drink here!

3D Art of Matcha Latte! ! Anyway cute it's really sad thing to have to drink (> _ <) In spite of everything you will not regret to drink it because it is a delight! ! !

When you come to Oike Bettei, please go to "Tea Hall Izumii" ♪

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There are many shops that I would like to recommend in other places around Karasuma Oikei so do not miss the future posts of our blog!

Thank you for reading us!

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