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Staff Daily ①Nijo Castle & Himie

Today, Yumeyakata staffs are going to bring you to stroll near Oike Bettei Shop! But, they went too many places in the same day so I have to separate and introduce to all of you! This time, Photographer Orange and Editor Mamie had a special kimono day!!

Oike Bettei Shop is located at the middle of Kyoto-shi where near the Nijo Castle and Kyoto Gyoen National Garden. Then, I am going to introduce you the route from Yumeyakata to Nijo Castle.

Let's go!!

3 minutes from Yumeyakata Oike Bettei Shop, there is a shop full of mystery.

Go inside and have a look!!


Simple design but with a warm atmosphere

The building itself is the same as Oike Bettei Shop which is reconstructed from Kyo-machiya.

Re-integration of Western minimalist design

Corporation between Japanese and western.

I will never know what the shop sells if I do not go inside the shop.

Inside the shop!

It is a jewelry brand of a designer from Tokyo.


The shop is opened in this summer in June in Kyoto. The style of the jewelry is the same as the shop decoration Simple but elegant!

Photos from HIMIE

Recommend to all when you come to the Oike Bettei Shop and have some time to take a look! Buy a small gift for yourself in this kimono trip:-)

Belt with cool black cat!!

I would like to say that we dressed up in kimono already so let's leave more photos to commemorate! (tourist mode)

Finally, they spent 41 minutes in total. If you go directly from Yumeyakata to Nijo Castle, it takes about 20 minutes on foot

(google route:13 minutes) p.s If you do not want to walk, you can take the subway tosai line also:D


The main topic! Nijo Castle!

The castle is built in the early 1603 and it was the village of Tokugawa Iyeyasu. However, the thirteenth Muromachi shogunate Shogun(captain) Yoshihiro Ashiki and Oda Nobunaga built castles on the same place of Nijo castle. Nijo Castle held a ceremony of "Dai Sei Hou Kan" that returned the power to the emperor. This made Nijo-jo Castle more widely known in modern times.

Taisho Emperor is also held the ascendant ceremony in Nijo Maru Gotemba in Nijo Castle.

Photo from Internet

Do you think this castle is different from the castle in other prefectures? In the early time in Japan, Kyoto is the capital of Japan which means Kyoto is also the home of the Imperial Court Although Tokugawa Ieyasu at the time is highly respected,

but he is still not compare with the "emperor". Of course, in other sites can not be too arrogant The old Kyoto people shyly said "Nijo Castle is Tokugawa Ieyasu's hotel built in Kansai to watch the Emperor use ~" Although the appearance do not look like a castle, the decoration of the castle is quite impressive at the time.

Photos from Nijo Castle Homepage

Nijo Castle itself is not a crowded tourist attraction You can enjoy taking pictures there.

Nijo Castle three major event! | Cherry blossoms at midnight | Over eighty Sakura in the quiet Japanese-style garden to enjoy a different night style. | Sakura Tea Party | In the clearing garden, taste the tea provided by famous Kyoto Omotesenke. | Kyo's Tanabata | Night lighting activities

This is the end of the introduction.

The next blog will be the staff blog : Lunch near Nijo Castle


〒604-8301 京都市中京区二条通堀川西入二条城町541


8:45~17:00 (Last entrance16:00)

Details please refer to the homepage

Accessory Shop near Oike Bettei Shop




11:00 - 19:00

online shop:

Left(Blue) 2017 Yumeyakata Original Kimono

Right(Orange) 2018 Yumeyakata Original Kimono -Autumn & Winter-


・Advanced reservation:4000yen+tax

Plan includes: Kimono / Taiko belt / colour collar / socks / Japanese sandals / Japanese bag

・Hairstyling: Choose 1 from 8 styles 1500yen+tax

・Make-up: 3000yen+tax

*There is no location photography at Nijo Castle provided by Yumeyakata.

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