By learning the Japanese dance to know the fun of Japanese culture.

''Gion Ko-uta'' is a song that maiko must learn.

The gestures in the dance let you to become a beauty in kimono.

Japanese Dance in Kimono

Nice to meet you.

I'm Beniko from Yumeyakata. A former maiko.

From learning Japanese dance from six,

To be a formal maiko at fifteen.

I had participated in overseas activities on behalf of Kyoto,

also in Jidai Matsuri(one of the biggest event in Kyoto),

as well as in Jidaigeki(the Japanese drama)

when I was a formal maiko and geiko.

Now, I have retired and became a staff in Yumeyakata to

carry out sightseeing tour in Kyoto.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

By Beniko

Taught by Beniko Sensei:
     The beauty of Japanese Dance


The experience starts by the explanation of the history of  Japanese Dance. Then, Beniko Sensei dances a part for demonstration.

Afterwards, Beniko Sensei teaches you and practices every movement and then dances the full dance together.

The person in the pictures in the left are Beniko Sensei while she is a geisha.

The senior maiko acts Jikata that kneel on the floor and the junior maiko acts Tachikata that stand on the floor usually in Japanese Dance.

Easy-to-learn for Beginners


Japanese Dance is one of the traditional culture in Japan.

It is also a must for maiko to learn.

Although it is a profound traditional skill,

Beniko Sensei shows and teaches you.

Even you do not have any experience in dancing,

you can still know the fun of the dance.


Feel the culture

Clothing is a signature of culture.

Dance in Japanese kimono.

By the gestures in every moment, to learn the elegant and solemn of Japanese culture.

Experience a different travel.


Special Event in Oike Bettei

A Special in Oike Bettei

Various Japanese cultural workshop

So that wearing a kimono is not just in a photo
you can have more understanding in Japanese culture.

Review  from customers

It has been an amazing experience. I would love to repeat it and I will tell about the wonderful staff to everybody. ありがとうございます。



Loved the experience.The process was very fascinating to learn. Everything was lovely. It made me feel like a real dancer.



Dance lesson was amazing. The teacher was very good at breaking down steps and informing each step means.Super fun! I wish I could do the dance lesson here everyday!



It was an exclusive and joyful encounter of Nihon Buyo dance. I am a dancer and am grateful for a gentle and professional guidance from Sensei. Thank you very much. It was Joyful and poetic. Nice staff!!



Great experience!The staff has been very nice and helpful.The dance teacher was patient and clear.I hope there could be some real Japanese dance classes provided.Thanks.



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Time... 30mins or 60mins

Cost 【500yen off for customers who rent kimono from Yumeyakata】

... 30min lesson: 2,000yen → Special price: 1,500yen/person

... 60min lesson: 3,000yen → Special price: 2,500yen/person


※Customers need to join the lesson in kimono.

※Advance reservation is needed.

​※The cost included the rental of the fan during the dance.

​※The cost does NOT include the kimono rental.

※Please inquiry to for the availability.

※This lesson is suitable from 12-year-old.