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Privacy Policy

We disclose what we are doing to protect your privacy.

About the privacy policy of "Kyoto Kimono rental Yumeyakata"

Hosai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we"), which operates Kyoto Kimono Rentals Yumeyakata", registers the customer's personal information necessary for each service at the time of application.
Regarding the handling of the acquired personal information, we comply with the law concerning the protection of personal information, guidelines concerning personal information protection etc., and other related laws concerning the protection of personal information.
In this page, we will inform you about what kind of information we has collected below and how we collect, manage and use that information.

How to obtain personal information

We will acquire your personal information in the following way.

・Acquire directly from the person himself / herself
Internet, telephone, written (including electromagnetic record), business card, verbal etc.

・Acquired legitimate authority from the person authorized by the person himself / herself
Application applicant, introducer, travel agent, business partner, reception company etc. at the time of media alliance

・Acquired from published ones
Newspaper, internet, telephone directory, publications and other books etc.

Whether or not to provide personal information is based on the judgment of the customer, and we do not force it. However, due to the fact that personal information can not be offered, there may be cases where services that are not available within this service are available.

About the personal information to be acquired

We will acquire the customer's personal information specified below.
・Information on customers necessary for providing appropriate services such as name, sex, date of birth, age, telephone number, address, and other items such as dressing of kimono and sending goods

・Credit card information used for payment, bank account information, information on electronic money and other information on settlement

The information we acquire is one of the above and it depends on the service.

Purpose of using personal information

For all the services operated by us, personal information received from customers may be used for the following purposes.

· Kyoto Kimono rental confirmation of reservation when visiting Yumeyakata
· Information on various preferential measures and services such as events
· Implementation of a questionnaire
· Product shipping in the case of EC site, payment settlement
· Confirm the identity of the review to Yumeyakata
· Information on preferential measures and events at Kyoto Kimonomachi Co., Ltd. (our group company)


When contacting the customer's e-mail address from the service operated by the company, answers to important inquiries / inquiries from our company, etc. due to incorrect e-mail address input by customer , or due to spam filter, etc. do not arrive and trouble occurs in use, we will not be responsible for it.

After booking and ordering, if the automatic confirmation mail by the system has not arrived at the address you registered, please contact us immediately by phone or e-mail.

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We are not responsible for any of the following damages or disadvantages that occurred while using the Company's website by you.

· Damage and disadvantages such as accidents caused by software and hardware caused by the use of our website, pollution caused by computer viruses, loss or damage of data, etc.

· Any other damages or disadvantages arising from the use of our website.

About cookies

If you are receiving a service through our web site, please see the following additional information.

We use various cookies that are set in the browser of the visitor to the site operated by us."Cookie" means a small text file composed of encrypted information assigned to the browser of your computer from the website.
When you use the member service or the target service, when you contact advertisements or contents related to the member service or the target service, or when the customer contacts cookies etc. (collectively referring to web beacons, UID and other technologies, hereinafter simply referred to as " If you enable "Cookies, etc."), our site automatically selects 1) information on information communication terminals such as PCs, smartphones, tablets etc used by customers, 2) information through cookies etc. Get it.

Even when customers refuse to provide information through cookies etc., you can use our website, but if you refuse cookies etc., the following harm will occur.
For example,
· Reservation form does not work
· Product search can not be performed correctly
· Member login and the "your favorites" function can not be used

Although we acquires the following information from the information communication terminal and cookie etc, please do not worry because this information is not directly linked to personal information.

Information relating to the body identification of the information communication terminal such as
· Terminal ID
· OS information of the information communication terminal
· Information on connection to the Internet, location information
· Referer
· IP address
· Time stamp on browsed URL and date and time of browsing
· Server log information other than the above
· Information on displayed or retrieved goods or services etc.

Sharing information with third parties

We may share personal information obtained from customers under the conditions specified below or information such as cookies acquired from visitors of all sites operated by us to the following third parties.

■ Brokerage by a third party: Public organization

In order to enforce the law, administrative or judicial organizations may request us to access or provide your personal information.We will respond to this request in accordance with our internal regulations and applicable laws and regulations, if the request is being made under a fair and legitimate need (in particular criminal investigations and other court proceedings etc).

■ Brokerage by a third party: delivery and payment agent

We will outsource delivery of services operated by us to external carriers (Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, EMS). These companies share only the information necessary for shipping and billing.
Also, we use the payment agents (Zeus Co., Ltd., Square Co., Ltd.).

If you choose payment by credit card when ordering the services managed by us, you enter card number, card name, expiration date and security number, but those card information will be encrypted immediately, It will be sent to the payment agent.

Please be assured that we will not retain / acquire customer card information.

■ Brokerage by a third party: Marketing and advertisement distributor

Websites operated by us may acquire and use cookies by third-party companies aiming for marketing or advertisement of their company.
Third-party companies use cookies only for advertisement distribution purposes and acquire information. In this case, personal information is not included in the acquired information at all. In addition, the cookie information etc. acquired by the third party will be handled according to the third party's privacy policy.

About correction and deletion of customer's personal information

If you wish to amend or modify personal information, we will fix it if you let us know by email or telephone. In that case, we will ask you for the following customer information to confirm consistency with yourself.

· Name
· Phone number
· Reservation
· Order change details

In addition, you can ask our company to delete personal data. However, if you completely delete customer's personal data, we may be unable to continue providing the service to you.

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About change of privacy policy

The Company shall be able to change the privacy policy from time to time at all times, unless stipulated by laws and regulations.

Last modification date: 25th May, 2018

About correction and deletion of customer's personal information

The following persons are responsible for managing the personal information that you registered.

Hosai Co., Ltd. (Kyoto Kimono rental Yumeyakata) Data protection management officer: store chief manager Yoko Arima

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