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Tea Ceremony in Kyo-machiya

kimono x matcha package in Oike Bettei

Kimono x Matcha package in Oike Bettei

You can experience the "tea ceremony" experience in a traditional Kyo-machiya, which is said to be a comprehensive art of Japanese culture,

in front of you by the teacher and yourself.
Matcha with sweets is included.

​※Kimono rental at Yumeyakata is necessary to confirm Tea ceremony

Approximate 50 minutes

On request ; Available from 10am to 16pm

※Reservation deadline: 3 days before visit

※Full payment of tea ceremony will be charged in advance by credit card.

※Cancellation Charge: Previous day: 50%, On the reservation day: 100%

1~10 people

※Please contact us for over 11 people

Above 7 years old (Child's fee is not available.)


Please keep an eye on your children.

We may ask you and the children to leave if our staff and teacher determined that it is difficult to proceed due to the behavior of your child. 

【Children under 6 years old】

If a child under 6 years old wishes to participate, a separate room rental fee will be charged.
Please consult us. (Room charges vary depending on the number of people)
2 ~ 4 people 11,000 yen 
5 ~ 10 people 19,800 yen 

1 pax : 13,420yen/person

2 pax : 8,620yen/person

3 or 4 pax : 7,080yen/person

5 pax or more : 6,842yen/person

※The above price list includes tea ceremony and kimono rental(Standard plan).

Private Session

1~4persons: Above charge +11,000yen

5~10persons: Above charge +19,800yen

11-26pax: It will be a separate quote. Please contact us.

English, Mandarin, Japanese

The following languages are available upon request and subject to extra charge: 3,300yen


※ It may be impossible to respond according to the service situation of the interpreter staff.

[Private Session ONLY] Commemorative photographing during Matcha experience

(up to 4 people / reservation required)


Shooting time: about 45 minutes / about 70 photos by download

※ If you wish to add a photography, please fill in the remarks column while reserve.

※ All prices shown are with tax.






Dress in a kimono at Gojo Shop

About​ 1-1.5 hours

Check-in with staff that the Yumeyakata Gojo Shop and get dressed into a kimono. After you done, head to Yumeyakata Oike Bettei to attend the tea ceremony.


Tea ceremony mini lecture

About​ 10 minutes

Learn about the history and meaning of Tea ceremony from the basics, with explanations about the alcove's hanging scroll and the tools used during the ceremony.


Demonstration by teacher

About​ 25 minutes

Demonstration by teacher in a quiet and dignified space and time. Every piece of work has a meaning. One participant will get a sweet and a matcha from teacher.


Prepare a matcha for others

About​ 25 minutes

Prepare a matcha on your own under the guidance of the teacher in front of your friends and family.
The teacher will teach you step by step carefully.







Using Matcha from ''Uji Marukyu koyamaen''(宇治 丸久小山園) 
Let's enjoy high quality green tea with good sweetness.



Using sweet from a Japanese sweet shop near Yumeyakata Oike Bettei.

Sweets are made according to the season of spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Professor of Urasenke · Aya Suzuki

Born in Osaka in 1964. Went to Kyoto from teenager and learned Urasenke tea ceremony. Being fascinated by the deep spirituality of the tea ceremony and the underlying philosophy, she moved on to the path with the passionate desire to convey the goodness of the tea ceremony to many people. Not only tea ceremony, but also Japanese culture "calligraphy" and "flower ceremony", also proficiency in the master class.
Hobbies are hot yoga and walking around Kyoto. She think that "to study the tea ceremony is to sharpen the mind and to learn the way of life", so she is working hard every day.


【Message from Aya sensei】

There are many tips in the world of tea to enrich your daily life. A cup of tea that you can feel the words in the Japanese space, love flowers, and enjoy the bowl. Do you not touch the charm of the tea ceremony too? We look forward to a wonderful meeting.

Reservation of Tea Ceremony(without kimono)


舞妓イベントマーク_05 (1).png

<Booking time if you wish to get kimono rental + tea ceremony>

Please make a reservation

※If you arrive at 10am and your booking includes kimono rental & hairstyling,

your tea ceremony will start at 12:00pm.


· Reservations are required in advance.
· Kimono rental price is not included in the price above.

· This experience is for over 10 years old. Children under 10 years old cannot be accepted.

· If you do not receive the confirmation email within 3 business days please contact us by phone.

※Cancellation Charge: Previous day 50%; On the reservation day 100%

※Kimono rental at Yumeyakata is necessary to confirm Tea ceremony


<About the date>

Reservation on request

※ However, there are also days that can not be held due to various circumstances. We appreciate your understanding to that effect.

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