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Our Kyo-machiya structure was built in the Meiji era, and forms the culture of Yumeyakata Oike.
Once operated as a kimono store.
From the entrance, you can feel the wisdom and history of life abounding our structure.
Many people are conquered by the beautiful landscape of our garden that we see from the corridor,
I can feel the emotional voice, the heart in peace, it's a beautiful environment.
While enjoying the emotions of this historic Kyo-machiya,
In Yumeyakata, focus on Japanese culture, including kimono,
Do not hesitate to transport yourself in the Japanese culture in Kimono like "Wako no Keiko" in this place

In addition to the courses currently in operation, we will prepare different types of workshops in the future.

Tea ceremony

Date and hour not defined

You can enjoy a tea ceremony in kimono in a Japanese traditional machiya. In this activity, you can also know the history and story about tea ceremony in Japan.

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