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Packaging Furoshiki

Upon reservation

No registration fees

A packaging that is very compatible with kimono.
In addition to the versatility of materials and color schemes,
Very attractive to use in different ways depending on how you attach it. Such is the practicality of Furoshiki
Introduction of recommended models, conferences on kimono and techniques for everyday use.

About 15 minutes

1,000yen or 1,500yen (depending on the fabric)
Location: Yumeyakata Oike Bettei

If you would like to participate or do this workshop, please let us know during your visit.
On occasion, if much demand,
There are times when you will have to wait, please apologize.

The story of Furoshiki is ancient
The Nara era (700 after J.C)
As a fabric to store costumes around time, for the Muromachi era, is convenient for packaging the clothes used in the bath.
It was used as a tissue.
Currently as an eco bag, or as a gift.
It is also used for stylish packaging,
In Kyoto, the popularity of memories is growing rapidly.


For the average base node, so that even beginners can feel free to join,
Introduction of the wrapping fabric provided by a staff member,
How to adapt to the kimono and the beauty of our fabric,
Cute knotting method, practical use, etc ...
How to use a practical packaging fabric even in everyday life.
Because it is easy to understand and reproduce the examples.
Please contact us with confidence.

In our Oike bettei shop, we recommend a wrapping for personal use.
We rent a packing bag to match your Kimono.
Do not hesitate to choose your fabrics according to your kimono.
In addition, we have a packing fabric and a retaining ring that we sell here.
Why not learn how to use popular packaging fabrics and then use it elegantly?

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