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Options - Kimono Insurance 1,100yen

Kimono Insurance

We have launched the Kimono Insurance service so that you can use the rental product with confidence.
This insurance is used to protect the cleaning and repair costs of dirt, stains, etc. generated by the guests when renting.
However, the maintenance cost may vary depending on the status and condition of the dirt, so you may have to charge a large amount.
Therefore, in order to use it with confidence, we recommend you to join Kimono Insurance.
※ If you wish, please select in the option item.

Terms of Use


You can join the Kimono Insurance for rental products that you have booked at "Kyoto Rental Rental Yumeyakata".
【Hiki-furisode is not applicable】
We will apply to products that have been joined to Kimono Insurance at the time of ordering.
If you join into Kimono Insurance, you will not be required to claim any dirt on rental products or repair expenses for looseness. If you contaminate a rental product, please do not wash or repair it yourself and return it.


Any of the following condition will be not applied even you have joined the Kimono Insurance. We will charge for the maintenance fee of the product separately.

1. If the rental product is lost or damaged

2. If there is dirt on the rental product that is difficult to repair

3. If you are wearing perfume when you wear the rental product

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