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YUMEYAKATA Oike bettei

Photo shoot with maiko

Senjafuda (name card) from maiko for FREE

Matcha tea and sweets served

※Reservation is needed. Max. 20 persons

・Maiko Kyoto Dance

・Talk with Maiko

・Shoot with Maiko

・Name card from maiko for FREE

・Enjoy matcha tea and sweets


千社札(せんじゃふだ)Senjafuda...It is like a business card of Maiko. In general it is not for sold and you can not get it unless you get it directly from Maiko.

<Location>  Yumeyakata Oike Bettei

<Date>      25th May 2019

<Time>     (1st session)AM10:30~AM11:20 (2nd session)AM11:30~PM12:20

<Price>     1,500yen/person (for customers who rent kimono from Yumeyakata Oike)

                            Without rental: 2,000yen/person

<No. of ppl>  each session up to 20 persons​

<Recommend Time of reservation time for kimono rental> 

(1st session)9:00(10 persons)/09:30(10 persons)

(2nd session)10:00(10 persons)/10:30(10 persons)

※FREE morning charge for reservations at 9:00am & 9:30am

Reservation kimono rental + maiko show

please write ''Maiko Show'' in remarks while booking

Reservation maiko show only (no kimono rental)

Requested date

Please arrive at Yumeyakata Oike Bettei 10min before the show starts.

2,000yen + tax/person

Thanks for submitting!

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