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Elegant Vintage Kimono Plan Discount

■ Polyester, Small Crest 7,000 yen → 5,000yen
■ Silk (pongee) 10,000 yen → 8,000yen
■ Silk Houmongi 18,000 yen → 15,000 yen


FREE Morning Charge

Customers who reserve for 9am or 9:30am can have free morning charge.


Kimono rental in Oike Bettei → 1 picture for free / Extra picture ¥1,500 → ¥1,000

Conditions: 1 group of reservation for kimono rental can get 1 indoor photo by our professional photographers for free in soft copy.

Additional picture: ¥1,000 (instead of ¥1,500!)


Return on the next day for free!

For all bookings from 2pm, you can return your kimono on the next day for free!
No need to worry about the time, enjoy your evening in kimono! 

※Customers who reserved location photography AND arrive at 13pm can enjoy the free return the next day service also!

- Return to the shop on the next day : 1,000yen → free
- Return by delivery service : 1,500yen → 500yen

※ Premium plan is not applicable.

(Return the next day in shop 2,000yen / Return the next day by delivery 2,500yen)


Hakama style + simple hair set + ribbon hair acessory rental from 5,500yen

Kimono+Hakama Style        6,000yen→5,500yen
Ko-furisode(Komon)+Hakama Style  7,500yen→7,000yen

Ko-furisode(Eba)+Hakama Style     9,500yen→9,000yen

※It will be the same price even you do not need the simple hair set.
​※Ribbon style hair accessory ONLY for rental.


Oike Bettei Wedding Indoor Photography Summer Discount!5000yen down!

A plan with gorgeous wedding kimono, Japanese indoor garden shooting by professional photographer, hairstyling and makeup.


More plans and details


Write down your feedback and get 500yen off

Write down your feedback and get 500yen off in location photo plan

ex: 23,000yen→22,500yen

After photo location finished, we will sent you a form for feedback


Student Discount (20% OFF for location photo)

Location Photo 20% off for student group

※Everyone in the group MUST be student.

   Student identification is needed. Junior, High school, University students only.
※Cannot be used in Sakura season.

※If more then 6 people the price would be usual price ×1.5

Kyoto Location Photography



Discount Coupon for next visit

After your first visit, scan the QR code on the receipt to get a 10% discount on your next visit!

※This coupon does not cover hairstyling, options, items for sale.

​10% discount coupon valid on next visit


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