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Experience Kimono in Oike Bettei

Hello everybody. It is an experience of the foreign staff of Yumeyakata Oike Bettei. I went to an appointment with my friend the other day. Of course with kimono! We arrived after about 5 minutes walk from Karasuma Oike.

First, we choose a kimono. The goal is to give an image of an adult woman this time ☆ The Oike Bettei is a complete set of Kimono, Obi and accessories of all kinds that will sublimate you! There were many, so I got lost ~

Next time, I would like to wear a Furisode kimono!

I received advice from the staff, my colleague and I coordinated the kimono! Always my favorite red-black duo, adult image and class ... ☆ (laughing)

For hairdressing, I also asked for hair, a chic style cut. I bought very cute hair ornaments and without ruining myself!

Because shooting packs by professional photographers were all present in the current campaign, LUCKY !!! It was a precious experience because it is rare to take a kimono photo in a townhouse in Kyoto.

Lunch is a fig cake, full of seasonal flavors ♡

Recently, I tried to imitate popular photos on Instagram (laughs) It is the taste of lemon, but the acidity is not too present ☆ ☆

I would recommend it!

I went back to the Oike Bettei, and after changing clothes, I had a picture. It was a nice kimono and I could spend the day very comfortably. I also want to wear a Furisode and walk in Kyoto ♡

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