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New Location Photo Plan for soon ♫!

In Yumeyakata, there is a package called Location Photo Plan!

A photographer can accompany you and you can take pictures on the back of the streets of Kyoto.

Why don't keep a memorable photo of a nice trip?

Everyone can take a picture together, without having to lose someone if it is an outdoor photo pack.

in group, with family, couples, as well as shooting alone, everything is possible ☆

As a professional photographer, do not worry if you do not make good pictures, we take care of you to get the best pictures possible.

We have prepared many places to find a location that fits your desired image!

And this time, a new location is emerging!

I went to the shooting of the visual that becomes the sample presentation of the new pack the other day ♪ I went there!

Although the weather was unfortunately rainy, the green is bright and very picturesque, and the kimono is more attractive.

Detailed information about new sites is great news!

A detailed explanation of the Yumeyakata Oike Bettei Location Photo Plan here

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