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Oike Bettei and surrounding area: Recommended location ☆! -foods ☆

Hello everyone ♪

In Yumeyakata Oike Bettei, I am the staff Coiffure, Hatayama!

Today we are about 5 minutes walk from Yumeyakata Oike, In an elegant breakfast cafe "! -foods"

We will present you the best suggestions ♪

First, the appearance ... ✨

Very stylish shop that has been renovated from a Kyomachiya 🎶

Upon entering the interior,

Inside the shop full of cleanliness based on white and light, with the unique depth of a Kyomachiya

Looking up on the high ceiling, pretty flowers And an equally elegant store in the back ☆ ☆

And, a rich menu ♪ The painting written in manuscript is also very cute ❤ ❤

The lunch menu is reasonable and the volume generous ◎

☆ Pork cutlets · Gapao rice · Salad plate ☆ There are still many menus ♥ No matter what lunch you eat! It is a gustatory bliss ♪ It was a delicious dish, a magical meal 💛

This time, "! -foods" is the second time we have been there. The inside of the store was so beautiful that I borrowed it instead of shooting ♪

This is a photo of Kyoto Kimonomachi x Yumeyakata Oike Bettei, sister shop!

The atmosphere inside the store was too cute too, so thanks again for your help this time

Today ♪ smile with a nice clerk ♪ Thank you for always taking care of me!

After wearing a kumono from Yumeyakata Oike Bettei, experience! Please enjoy lunch with! -foods ☆ ☆

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