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Instagram personality chika came to our shop ♪

The other day, @ chika 291 of Instagram visited Oike Bettei with his friends I will show you the state of the shooting in the store ♪

A beautiful model of the kimono is here! !

Original design of Kinono by Kimonomachi's x Yumeyakata sister manufacturing company, this autumn new design work "Navy Travel Japan" Although it's a chic kimono, if you look closely ... how many cards and boats Hokkaido and Kyushu Japan are designed! ! I heard that there are opportunities to wear the kimono every day, and I am dressed elegantly with an individual design ♡

In a beautiful room of Kyomachi!

Another room in your garden ✧

Finally at the entrance

After that, I heard that she took a lot of pictures even at the exit, and I downloaded the same picture of her instagram @ chika291!

Would you like to take a lot of pictures with your kimono? Instant shot, no worries! ! !

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