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The Japanese model Mei Nagazawa came to Oike Bettei shop!

On March 15th the model Mei Nagazawa came with her friend to Oike Bettei shop♪ Here are some pictures of that day↓↓

The kimono she wore is an original design kimono from Kimonomachi, Yumeyakata's sister company.

With butterflies that recall spring, this kimono suits her very well♡

A nice color combination with her friend's kimono☆ As a true model, her posing and face expressions are super cute!!!

After the photoshoot, they went to the nearby IZAMA Kyoto restaurant, that our staff also likes a lot♪

Ms. Nagazawa updates her Instagram regularly, please have a look!! Mei Nagazawa - Instagram

Restaurant IZAMA Kyoto Website → Instagram →

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