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Events to be held around Oike Bettei!! <Cafe Machi Sanpo! >

A stamp rally event that goes around a fashionable cafe between 1st July to 31st Aug at the area near Yumeyakata Oike Bettei which is called<Cafe Machi Sanpo!> is held.

Within the site, there is also a quick map for quickly locating cafes you want to go ♪

There are lots of such fancy cafes in the Imperial south area and the Gosho west area around the Oike shop ♡

It seems to be able to take a lot of photos that seem to be instantiated ♪

It is also stylish and recommended to go around with kimono!!

Like these♪

Or you can also go with yukata♪

You can get Kyoto goods by reading the QR code inside the cafe and collecting 10 stamps!

Otherwise, at the Yumeyakata, we are giving a visitor customer a <Repeater coupon> as 1 of the "Summer Campaign"!!

A special QR code that can access the repeater coupon page is printed on the receipt to be handed over at cashier ☆

You can rent Kimono and Yukata extensively if you are in the middle of a period!

Please take this opportunity to enjoy Kyoto with <Kimono × Stylish CAFE> ♪


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