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【Must Read】Good news during Gion Festival

The Gion Festival starts in July ☆

The Gion Festival is one of the three biggest festivals in Japan, along with the "Tenjin Festival" in Osaka and the "Kanda Festival" in Tokyo.

A lot of festival events and events will be held during the festival held from July 1st for one month at Yasaka Shrine. Gion Festival has been in existence since ancient times in Kyoto.

Basically, sights of the Gion Festival are Yoyoiyama and Yamaboko-junkou

Yoyoiyama and Yamaboko-junkou are divided between the pre-festival (Saki Matsuri) and the latter festival (Ato Matsuri)

Many shops open at the pre-festival and many people crowd.

It is perfect for going to a festival wearing a yukata ♪

And how! At Yumeyakata Oike Bettei, On 15th & 16th & 21st to 23rd♪

We will present you a new yukata gift for customers who rent a yukata(women only;free size only)

For details, click here

Please take this opportunity to participate in the gion festival in yukata (* ^^ *)

Otherwise, at Yumeyakata,

We are waiting for everyone's visit (^ O ^) /


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