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【Gion Matsuri Exhibition】at Kyoto Station Building

The rainy season has gone and it is the start of summer!

And here [Gion Festival] began in Kyoto ~ ♡

This week is the Yoiyama ♪

There are lots of festivities awaiting opening on 15th and 16th (* ^^ *)

You can just walk from the Yumeyakata Oike Bettei to the festival at night☆

Everyone, Let's wear a yukata at Oike Bettei and go to the Gion Festival \ (^ o ^) /

Otherwise from July 3 (Tuesday) to July 31 (Tue), a Gion festival panel exhibition entitled

at Kyoto Station Building is being held ❁

Holding time is from 10am to 8pm☆

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