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【Recommendation】Graduation★hakama hairstyle

It will be graduation season a little more ☆

In Kyoto it seems that there are more people wearing hakama even at the elementary or junior high school graduation ceremony!

Do you already have your hakama or kimono or hair sets for your special graduation ceremonies?

Today, Oike Bettei Staff would like to introduce the recommendation of the hakama and hairstyles ♪ ♪

The No.1 hairstyle ☆ Half-up style

Even now, half-up style is very popular. You can add a big ribbon behind also. More cute ♪ ♪

Next, braided hair ☆

The top is tighted softly with wave, and it gathers up, a twisted stitch and a knitted braid are mixed and loose stuff ♪

◎ I'm sure you will be spectacular and conspicuous if you put real flowers on hair ornaments ◎

Next, short hair style ☆

Even your hair is short, we can still arrange for you ♪

Put the knitting on the side of the hair style which is different from usual when you curl with a trowel as a whole

Next, pop candy hair ☆

Style that draws hair a little at a time like candy Half-up is also cute but recommended for those who want to have different styles with others☆

It is very cute style like pigeon!

Finally, recommended for teacher ☆ Hakama hair

It is recommended to the teacher that the up style that puts out a gorgeous curl and not too much

The teacher is the star in the graduation ceremony also!

Style that curled side to side so as not to become flashy is very popular ◎

How was it?

Did you find a style you care about?♪

I am glad if it becomes reference.

At Oike Bettei, you can also order hair set only!

We are waiting for you visits!

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