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Kyoto Omi Wagyu Restaurant - Kamogawa TAKASHI(鴨川たかし)

Yumeyakata start collaborate with a Kyoto Omi Wagyu(beef from Japan) restaurant called Kamogawa TAKASHI(鴨川たかし).

Customers who rent kimono in Yumeyakata can get

1 free drink coupon of Kamogawa TAKASHI from our Information Center.

(1 person can only get 1 coupon) With this coupon, you can get 1 non-alcohol drink by consuming more than 1,500yen in Kamogawa TAKASHI.

Omigyu beef(近江牛) is a Japanese Black from Shiga Prefecture,

it is also the oldest Japanese beef breed in Japan. It is one of the three famous beef in Japan with Matsusakagyu beef and Kobegyu beef!

The cheapest lunch set 「Fried Omigyu」Lunch Set limited 20 set per day ¥1500(including tax)/person

(Lunch only)

Barbecue lunch set ¥2150(including tax)/person

(Lunch only)

The set above is the recommendation by the chief!

From Yumeyakata Oike Bettei to Kamogawa TAKSHI takes only 16 minutes on foot.


Kamogawa TAKSHI has been interviewed by

a famous Taiwan TV program ''Super Taste''recently!!

Let's see what they eat in Kamogawa TAKASHI!!

Kamogawa TAKASHI

Address Kyoto-city, Chukyo-ku, Nakamachidori Takeya-cho, Agaru Suemaru cho 265-1

Access info: 5 minutes walk from Keihan Ōtō Line / Jingu Marutamachi Station, 7-minute walk from Kyoto City Subway Tozai Line / Kyotoshiyakushomae, 10 minutes walk from Keihan / Sanjo Station

Opening hours: 11 am - 2 pm, 5:30 pm - 11 pm

Fixed holiday: Tuesday

TEL 050-5589-7866


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