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Kimono of different occasion


Today, I would like to introduce you kimonos for different occasions.♪

🌼Different kinds of kimonos

"Kimono" is the national costume for Japanese.

there are several kinds of kimono cataloged by it's pattern and textures.

the type are basically the same, but depends on the details mentioned above,

kimono made from different pattern and textures would be wear in different occasions.


The Torso is without any design, and only the leg parts are decorated with patterns.👘

If the basic are black, then it's called"KUROTOMESODE," KURO means black.

for others colors are called "IROTOMESODE," IRO means color.


In Japan, married women attend formal ceremony in Kurotomesode.

Kurotomesode could be seen in wedding ceremony,family members of bride and groom attend wedding ceremony in Kurotomesode.

The features are

1.basic in black design on torso part, while leg parts are decorated with gorgeous patterns with good meaning.


Could be used by women both married and not, in formal occasions, unmarried women wear Irotomesode instead of black one.


Houmongi could be used in most of occasions, like wedding ceremony(if you attend as friend) and tea ceremony.

there is no regulations for texture designs, but the patterns are only in several parts like shoulder and legs.


Furisode is the most formal outfit for unmarried women, could be used on wedding ceremony, graduation ceremony and party.

the features are long sleeves.

same as furisode, there's no regulations of texture and design, while the patterns could be on shoulder/leg part or all among the kimono.


Komon is a kind of pattern, which repeat the same thing all among the kimono.

could be used on casual occasions like theater or party depend on the belt matches.

among different kinds of komon, "edo komon"are the most sophisticated and could be used at the same occasion as Irimuchi.


Yukata wasn't an "outfit" at the beginning.

It was used as a rope after shower or onsen.

Now people used it on summer festival like fire work or night market.

After the introductions of kimono

we hope you can enjoy kimono more then before!

How do you think?♪♪

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