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NHK interviewed Oike Bettei about the week of Machiya!

On 2 March, NHK came to Oike Bettei and interviewed about the week of Machiya (町家の日).

On the day of the interview, Ms. Uchida from NHK and our Oike Bettei Staff Miss Teranishi experienced a workshop making with Japanese parcels!

In the middle, They also talked about a lot of interesting topics about Kyoto Machiya!


The programmer is separated into two days.

・3/7 (Wednesday)18:30~19:00

NHK総合テレビ NHKニュース630  京いちにち 

    『京これ!』のコーナー (京都市府內撥出限定)

・3/8 (Thursday)11:30am~12:00noon

NHK総合テレビ ぐるっと関西おひるまえ (関西地區限定)



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