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Everyone thought the coordination of kimono is difficult, as kimono is not usual as our clothes.

I think that there are also many people who are worried about it, so this time we will introduce our selective Kimono Coordination "Oike Bessho Collection" ♪


Kimono & obi & pattern collar All of them are with the same patterns but different colors.

We prepares different colors but the same patterns kimono, so why not try one with your friends?

Kimono Rental 4500yen

Choose among 9 hairstyles 1500yen


It makes me feel happy as I see a couple looking sooooo good

Couple Kimono Rental 7500yen

Choose among 9 hairstyles 1500yen

You can also enjoy kimono with a popular Link Coordinate.

Couple Kimono Rental 7500yen

Choose among 9 hairstyles 1500yen


This is a plan which you can find in Oike Bettei Shop only, the Elegant Vintage Kimono Plan

The color usage is simple and the one point of the Obi-dome are stylish ~

Even short hair people can make hair style that fits well for kimono.

Elegant Vintage Kimono Plan 7500yen

Choose among 9 hairstyles 1500yen

This is a Japanese hair hair set which match with kimono with elegent plentiful adult atmosphere.

The variety is also substantial, it is also recommended.

Elegant Vintage Kimono Plan 10000yen

Japanese formal hairstyling 4000yen & Makeup 3000yen


To those who do not want to suffer with other people must-see!

Not only for kimonos but also for personal use in accessories is recommended

If you look carefully, the pattern of the haori is not a checkered pattern ... but a chess board!!

Kimono Rental 4500yen

Haori Rental 500yen

Although it is a man who tends to be solid color by all means, there are many original patterns of kimonos and coats, and combinations are free! !

Kimono Rental for men 3500yen (Boots and cap in the photos are not for rental.)

We are also waiting for you visit that there are still many kimono which was unable to introduce you here ╰ (* ') `*) ╯

You will have more fun choosing kimono ♪

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