Spot near Oike Bettei Shop 【Rokkakudo】

Rokkakudo is located near the subway Karasuma Oike Station.

Although it is located opposite from the Oike Bettei Shop from the subway,

it takes only 10 minutes on foot.

It is a thousand-year-old temple surrounded by tall buildings

Rokkakudo is also called 「Choboji Temple」.

The name Rokkaku (literally "six angles," i.e.,"hexagon") refers to the hexagonal shape of the main hall.

The above photo is sourced by the official website of Rokkakudo.

Rokkaku-do was founded by Prince Shotoku in 584 when a small pond was located here.

There is a willow on the left side after entrance.

Heian period, Saga emperor met his wife under this willow, so there is a meaning of seeking a good marrige.

Main hall

The main hall has been burned for 18 times, so the main hall you see today at Rokkakudo is from 1876, in Japan's Meiji Period.

There is also a small pond behind the main hall. It was the bathing place of prince Shotoku.

Rokkakudo is also known as "the navel of Kyoto."

As the name suggests is located in the center of Kyoto

Muromachi period, Kyoto is divided into Kamigyo and Shimogyo

The demarcation point of Kamigyo and Shimogyo is Rokkakudo as the center

Rokkakudo is also the capital of Shimogyo residents belief assembly.

Clock tower

The clocks we see today are re-cast after World War II

Past due to war language policy, forced to donate metal

The bell at Rokkakudo was no exception at the time.

In addition, this is the birthplace of Japanese flower arrangements.

The above photo is sourced by the official website of Rokkakudo.

The above photo is sourced by the official website of Rokkakudo.

In mid-April and mid-October, exhibition of Japanese flower arrangements opens.

Rokkakudo is near the vibrant city of Kyoto

Whether it is Nishiki market or shopping street ...etc

All of them can walk within a few minutes!

A famous Japanese Animation Movie Konan in 2003

''Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital''

Rokkakudo shows in the movie also.

Rokkakudo(Choji Temple)

Address Donomaecho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8134, Japan

TEL: 075-221-2686

Time: 6:00–17:00

Entrance fee: Free of charge

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