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Yumeyakata”Wedding Photo Session”

In Yumeyakata Oike Bettei, A wedding photo session plan which includes wedding costume dressing, hair-styling (including hair accessories rental) & makeup and photography is now very popular ♪

The price is also reasonable !!

You can choose your favorite wedding costume from Shiromuku(白無垢), Hiki-furisode(引振袖) and Iro-uchikake(色打掛).

Click here for bride wedding costume catalog

→ ♡ https: //

You can also choose the accessories such as a Kaiken(懐剣), an Hakoseko(筥迫), a Oibijime(帯締め) used for bride dressing.

The accessories used for wedding costumes have special meanings.

For example

Hakoseko (筥迫) It is something like "cosmetic pouch" that puts cosmetic tools and folds in the Edo period. One of the wedding tool.

Obiage (帯揚げ) The meaning is "May you be blessed with kids" and prosperity of descendants.

Suehiro (末広) The meaning is "happiness lasts forever".

Kaiken (懐剣) It is dignified woman's willingness to protect yourself by yourself.

Each of the accessories have their own meaning!

The combination of colors of accessories is free! Please leave a wedding photograph taken as a dress only for yourself ☆

Let's see some of the photos of wedding photo session!

It will be more gorgeous ♡

Customers who can not decide by yourself (> _ <) will be able to propose the staff so please do not hesitate to contact us ♪

The wedding photo session plan is only available inside the store, so you can not go out. Please note.

Customers wishing to take pictures with the wedding costumes back on the streets of Kyoto

Please use the wedding ceremony plan ☆

→ ←

Wish to take Kimono wedding photographs? please come to Yumeyakata Oike Bettei ♪

We will be happy to help you with all the staff's concentration.


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