I am going introduce you a delicious bakery!!


A popular bakery nearby.

Yumeyakata sister shop KIMONOMACHI has borrowed their shop to have a shoot for the new Kimono before!


They sells American Hawaiian pastries

Soft biscuits, Scone, pound cake, Muffin etc. ~

Although I didn't buy all of them,

the favourite one of Yumeyakata staff is

☆ banana pound cake ☆

Rich in banana flavor with cream flour

The crust with a bit chewy but also crisp

the cake inside is soft but not dry.

Highly recommend!

Oreo Muffin

I like their scorn and the muffin with peanut flavor

The baker of this shop lived in Hawaii for business before

He love handmade

So he went to Hawai and learn how to make cakes in Hawaii

He have worked in various American bakery before

Making 300-500 pieces of scorn every morning from 5am.

Back to Japan and open his own shop at Karasuma in Kyoto_NAKAMURA GENERAL STORE

Every cakes or biscuits are made by the baker himself everyday.

Open at 11am and sold out around 2pm/3pm

So you know how popular is itXD

Shop style also takes a leisurely sense of the village

Office is in Karasuma Oike

There is such a small shop to provide delicious dessert can be said that

workers daily small fortunate manufacturing machineXD


Address 〒604-0021 京都府京都市中京区蛸薬師町 押小路通室町西入ル蛸薬師町293-1

TEL 090-3652-0454

Open 11:00 ~ 18:00 (While supplies last)

Close Wednesday

Website http://nakagene.com/index.html

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