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''Happy New Year'' greeting by Oike Bettei staffs


Oike Bettei shop have opened half a year

However, we sincerely thank each and every guest for their inclusion and support

Yumeyakata will provide more services and all kinds of kimono programs in a new year

Look forward to the day we meet again.


【 Kyoto Shrine early year (New Year) intelligence 】

New Year's Day to 4/1 are the days the most lively and crowded!

But in fact, Japan's New Year's culture is until mid-January!

To who will come the head of January to Kyoto,

Let't dress in a beautiful Furisode

and experience the New Year's culture in shrine!

p.s During the New Year time, some shrines may release some special edition goods!

Reference website of 2018 Kyoto New Year:

/ Yumeyakata Recommedation - New Year coordinate /

No.1 ) Gorgeous Furisode

Premium silk|¥30000 (now discount)

Premium eba |¥20000(now discount)

Premium komon|¥10000(now discount)

No.2 ) Elegant Vintage Kimono

Elegant Vintage Kimono|¥7000

Elegant Vintage Kimono Silk Houmongi|¥15000(now discount)

No.3 ) Yumeyakata Original Kimono

Yumeyakata Original Kimono|¥5000 (book in advance¥4000)

Notice : the price shown above are not including 8% tax.

Yumeyakata opening hours during the New Year

Close: December 31 - January 3

Open: January 4, 2018

☆Please notice the last return time on 30th December becomes 17:00.

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