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Kimono shooting ☆ Second Edition

It's a different view this time, from the sister store "Kimonomachi" to Yumeyakata the other day, to Oike Bettei! This time we have new Kimono and Yukata for autumn-winter season ☆

First of all, hair set and makeup. And also dressing up ♡ Once preparation is ready, shooting is on!

Perfect Kimono for the coming season ('▽ `) /

Of course, there are plenty of pretty patterned clothes, but the separate Oike shop has many perfect places for your photos ♡ When everyone is visiting, take a picture of your favorite place!

And lunch at a nearby cafe, Exflammation Foods ~ ♪ Hamburger steak with sauce ☆ The rice balls were outstanding!

I changed clothes for a yukata in the same day and took pictures! As usual, as I am the model it sounds amusing ♪ ♪

From cool looking to pretty lovely face ♡ All the kimonoes suits and it was nice (· ω <) It was a great job shooting ~ ー ☆

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