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Famous Thai Youtuber Fha SARIKA visited our Oike Bettei

In June 2018, Thai famous Youtuber "Fha SARIKA" came to Oike Bettei and upload it to her Youtube channel. Ms. Fha SARIKA has 420,000 Youtube followers and 380,000 Instagram followers. She is well-known as a full of organic foods and cosmetics knowledge. She is also called as a green blogger by her fans.

She was accompanied by Ms. Fha SARIKA's boyfriend's sister Ms.Fan. Boyfriend is a famous rock band singer in Thailand.

Fha SARIKA is cute and very friendly and talked with out Thai staff like a friend. She said dressed in kimono is hard to breath, but it was pleased to experience a beautiful and delicate kimono for the first time. She also enjoyed the photo session as she became a kimono figure at Oike Bettei, which has a history of over 100 years like having a time slip.

Fah sarika


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