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2018 NEW Summer Design Original Yukata Presentation

Yumeyakata sister-store, KIMONOMACHI released their 2018 new designed yukata!!!

KIMONOMACHI is a internet shop which you cannot actually see the yukatas how it looks like.


Between 17th May to 23th May 2018, you can actually see how the new designed yukata looks like.

You can also buy and even try on a yukata in Yumeyakata Oike Bettei.

Customers who came to this presentation, goods and discount will be given!!

More Details?↓↓

Recently, we invited some influencers to Oike Bettei and dressed in our new yukatas to having lunch and shooting event.

Everyone is so beautiful!!!!!! I want to dress up in yukata too ><

We also invited Maikos to have a Maiko show for our visitors.

How a wonderful event!!

In Japan, Yukata is a must in Firework event and also festival(Matsuri).

Would you like to get a new yukata earlier than others? It is the chance!!!

We are waiting for your visit.

Event produced by ​KIMONOMACHI

Place provided by Yumeyakata Oike Bettei

472-1 Kinpukicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0846

TEL 075-254-8920


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