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The famous Russian news program "Vremya" came to Yumeyakata Oike Bettei!

On February 18th, the team from famous Russian news program "Vremya", aired on Channel One Russia, came to our Oike Bettei shop to discover the kimono experience!

The reporter, Ms. Usmanova, came to our shop to see how the kimono rental process works, but also to know more about kimonos, such as the meaning of the patterns, the trends, etc. ★

There are so many colors and patterns, it is difficult to choose! (◎_◎;)

The program team filmed the whole dressing process, and counted every single item to be used during the dressing: if you count the strings and small items, there are in total about 20 pieces used to dress someone in a formal dress!

Ms. Usmanova finally chose a dark purple Furisode, very elegant and gorgeous! ✨

The program should be aired around this spring. Stay tuned! ★


- Channel One Russia website:

- Yumeyakata Oike Bettei shop - Premium kimonos:


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