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Our New Blog !

Hello everybody !

About 2 months have passed since [Yumeikan Oikei Bettei] opened. Thank you everyone who visits our store several times a day!

From today, on our "Oike blog", every day you will be aware of the news and current events in the store ! I will inform you about everything you need to know about campaigns, discounts, special guests etc.

As this year will be nice, I will show you everything that will be essential for you about the shop!

[Yumeyakata Oike Bettei], this shop is built with an emphasis on the atmosphere inside the store. While experiencing the atmosphere of old houses in Kyoto, old waiting rooms, etc. Wherever you take pictures, you will find tradition and beauty in harmony with your kimono.

In addition, photography in the garden, which alters the facial expression each season is also highly recommended.

In the shop you will find a set of places suitable for beautiful photos! The "Photo Shot" is also available, Feel free to try and enjoy !

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