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Preparation of a new Plan : Traditional Japanese Dance ☆ ★

Currently at Yumeyakata Oike Bettei,

We prepare a pack combining kimono experience and Japanese dance experience ★

Recently, I took a picture of a Japanese dance experience! My teacher is Mrs. Beniko who is a member of Yumeyakata staff and who is a former Maiko ☆

What I experienced, with the staff of Yumeyakata is fantastic! Fighting for unknown behavior (> _ <)

But, Japanese dance with kimono is actually a beautiful picture ♬

The hairstyle is made and adapted for a lesson for Japanese dance Japanese style hair style makes the silhouette really Japanese!

Let's make a chignon style ✨

The make-up also corresponds to the Japanese image ✨ A serious makeup makes the attitude of any outfit even closer to Japanese culture!

I wear a kimono and make a makeup and a hairstyle! If you experience Japanese dance enjoy! ❀ ✨

It is also possible to enjoy the garden in good taste! Savor the calm and tradition of another era!

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