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The city of Kyoto is full of things to discover !

The area around Karasuma Oike at Oike Station is a place where many old buildings remain, and it's really interesting. We have renovated some parts of our Kyoto-machiya, dating back more than 100 years, since the construction of Yumeyakata. The rest of the place still retains its original form. Well, what is the difference between "old private house" and "Kyoto town house" that exists in Japan everywhere? "Kyomachiya" is a wooden house that does not use nails, etc. established before 1950, a building with shops and workplaces on the side facing the road, "an old private house" is limited to shops. Farmers and samurai residences are collectively referred to as old houses. While seeing the characteristics of the "Kyomachiya" remaining in the store this time, I would like to introduce you.

Lattice (Koshi)

The trellis that we often see while walking in the city of Kyoto between a lot of light from the outside but the inside is hard to see inside the table Good ☆ In the past it seems like the thickness and the spacing of lattice squares differ according to occupation.

Row of Tile (Ichigo Tani)

The lower part of the tile is aligned in a straight line and there seems to be an effect to clearly show the appearance I have never tried to pay attention to the edge of the tile, so I am a new find too! !

Owner Name (あ ん ど ん)

The photograph is made from below, but there seems to be shoji paper and bamboo Friendly yellow lights will further direct the Kyoto cityscape at night.

Enter Mise no Ma (み せ の ま)

Because it is a room at the entrance, it is a space that "shows" to customers, so it seems to be called "in the world of tourism". Even in our shop, a pretty kimono welcomes you.

Ceiling of age roof (Ajiraenjutsu)

Knitted pattern with bamboo on the roof ceiling etc. is very fashionable ♪ It seems like there are a lot of things that are often used for a kimono or a tea room, but try to look when you're in the store ♪

Beam (Hari)

An elongated room that is also a feature of Kyomachi. A thick pillar that supports the ceiling on the side is a beam! This place was a kitchen a long time ago, and there are high ceilings and windows to evacuate the smoke as a remnant.


It seems that people were washing their hands after the toilets in the old days, but now there is some decorative element in the garden of the house.

Interior (Okunoma)

It is also the space for guests and place of hospitality, with regard to the most intimate living room. We also have props like swords and umbrellas, so we push the staff to take pictures here!

Tsuboiwa (Tsuboiwa)

It's a so-called garden, but there are big stones, wells, lanterns and so on, it's the Kyomachiya Garden Autumn leaves are coming soon, so please take the time to go ♪

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