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Oike Bettei surrounding area ♪

If you are doing this work

It is often asked from the customer that "Do you think it is like Kyoto somewhere around here?"

However, since I do not visit Kyoto so much

Always only the standard place is not recommended ... (cry)

I just go roundtrip from the Karasuma Oike Station to the Oike Bettei every day. .

It is a waste to be in the middle of Kyoto !

In that regard

I walked around the city strolling around the Oike Bettei!

First, from "Karasuma Oike Station" near the Oike Bettei station to "Nijo Castle Station" at one station

As the name suggests, you can get off in front of "Nijo Castle".

This time it's a classic Nijo Castle ... not

To the "Shinsen Garden" in front of you across the road

Although Shogoizumi is now a small shrine, it seems that around this area was the site of Shinsen garden, Nijo Castle seems to have been fitted entirely in Shinsen Garden beforehand so it was quite spacious.

And it is said that Shinsen is the birthplace of Hanami.

Actually Shinsen Garden is a famous temple as a power spot.

Why is it famous as a power spot

It is because the Ryuu Legend that the Ryujin lives from ancient times is transmitted to the pond of Shinsen.

The name of the dragon is said to be "a good daughter Dragon King" and it is said to be a famous dragon who drows in rain, so it is said that no matter how drought the shrine spring pond has died.

Although it is Ryujin, he seems to be very powerful, once it gets angry it rains heavily, so it seems that it was the object to make a company and to visit to calm that power.

~ Relationship between Shinsen Garden and Gion festival ~

Shinsen Garden has a deep relationship with Gion Festival.

The psychic epidemic became popular in the 5th year pagan, and in the Shinsen National Park the Spiritual Association was held to quench many Spirits. The number of nationwide nationalities, setting 66 horses, entered into the pond of Shinsen National Park, made an excuse. In posterity, this is a gala festival, as a celebration of the townspeople, cars are attached to the horseshoe, decorated and walking around the capital of Kyo.

The big street near Yumeyakata Oike Bettei is called "Oike street"

It seems he took a name from the pond of Shinsen garden.

It seems that Shinsen Garden has interest as a marriage shrine, and many worshipers of young women visit.

There is also a theory that Genoshi was the capital of Kyoto, and he met Shizenbo Shizen (Shigarakigozan) as well under the pond of Kamizenen, where the two people were called "a good daughter Dragon King".

Genoshi Genoshi who fell in love in the town of Shizukae and Kyo who is said to be a beautiful abyss. What a romantic story.

There is a red bridge called Legislature Bridge on the pond in Shinzenen, and it is said that if you only cross one bridge and chant a wish in your mind, your wish will be fulfilled!

Only one ... (^ ^) Even that and this also should not be greedy (^ ^)

Everyone please try going to receive the power of the girl dragon king ☆

Ideal for taking pictures slowly with kimonos!

Location of Kyoto Shinsennen

〒 604 8306 Kyoto City Kyoto City Nagyo-ku Omonocho Oike Tsunoshinen Higashimonmachi Maecho 166

You can also go from Yumeyakata Oike Bettei ☆

After Shinsen Garden walk to Nijo street

On the way walking

Discover a shrine that has a beneficial interest in Mikane Shrine ★

As the name suggests, kinkirakin, lot of gold ★ ☆ (haha)

I feel awfully nice (^ ^)

The number of ema was also amazing!

Location of Mikane Shrine

〒 604-0042 Kyoto City Kyoto City Nishinouchi Nakagyo-ku Mikeikejima Oshimizuin-cho 614

Next to Mizuki Shrine go to the south side of Oike Tsunami

It goes to the east along the elder sister Alley, crossing over Karasuma-dori

To "Kaleidoscope Museum" ♪

Because the picture of the exhibition was forbidden to shoot

I am sorry that there is no photo to share for you...

A lot of glittering and ornate patterns were seen as if warped in different space when excluding the lens ☆

Turning it around makes the pattern of the atmosphere different again, you will not get tired of seeing it at all.

I will always be watching ☆

Because there are a lot of beads in it

I can not see the same thing as the one I saw once. It is very valuable ☆

We also decided to buy a kaleidoscope kit and make it (^ ^)

Fix the mirror plate in triangle in the round tube → fix it → put a peephole at the end → attach the object case to the opposite end → put your favorite beads inside → complete the oil ☆

A gorgeous picture ☆ ☆ that I can not think that I made it by myself if I exclude it

Glass beads are my favorite ♪

Why do not you try handmade by all means? ♪

Location of the kaleidoscope museum

604-8184 Kyoto City Kyoto City Nakagyo-ku Elder sister Smokyu Dong-dong House Eastward Cloudy Hospital 706-3

Closed: Every Monday (open on public holidays, closed on the following day), New Year's Holiday

After that, I go further to the east,

To Teramachi-dori where there are many souvenir shops and Shinkyo pole

After buying a souvenir

From Kyoto City Hall Front Station take the subway Tozai Line to one station,

Arrive at the nearest station of Yumeyakata Oike Bettei, "Karasuma Oike"

Access is perfect ☆

Walking through the places and back streets that do not pass regularly this time

It was fun to be able to discover new things!

If you like, please refer to it ♪

I have a lot of Kyoto that I do not know yet so I would like to win a little at a time (^ ^)

The autumn leaves are approaching the end

Kyoto is full of sights at any time ☆

Please come and visit with a Kimono and take a stroll around Kyoto ♪

You should be able to enjoy Kyoto even more with a different atmosphere than usual ☆

If you are a kimono rental at a townhouse, please go to the Yumeyakata Oike bettei ♪


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