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Continuing the article of the last time, the staff Wang & Lin! ! This time we will present the popular café "SONGBIRD COFFEE" in the immediate vicinity of Nijo Castle ♪

It is in Horikawa Street in front of Nijo Castle and about a ten minute walk to Oike Bettei.

SONGBIRD COFFEE is in an interior design company:

(Photo: On the website of SONGBIRD) If you do not look carefully, you can miss it!

1st floor: parking 2nd floor: sale of coffee and accessories 3rd floor: furniture sale The coffee sofa, the tables, the lighting and so on are all of their own, so the interior is simple and fashionable ☆☆☆ Because the light in the store is only natural light and small lights, the atmosphere will change day and night. With the dim light, you can take absolutely gorgeous photos.

(The photograph obtained permission from the person himself)

There were 2 kinds of SONGBIRD COFFEE breakfast dishes, egg sandwich and Curry rice.

Egg sandwich ¥ 950 Omelette whose eggs are fluffy, toasts are fluffy, mayonnaise is also effective and the best! For lunch, yogurts and pickles with vegetables are also included. Because it's a bit big, you might want to eat it with friends.

Curry ¥ 950 It really looks like a bird's nest! Boiled egg on top, fried onions below... a masterpiece! The rice base is also soaked in curry, and the curry sauce itself was not only nice to the eyes, but also to the palate! You can top it up with cheese if you want. Both dishes can be served with a set drink for an extra 200 yen.

The second floor also sells accessories, including cups, coasters, books, etc. When you go to Nijo Castle, please have lunch in this shop by any means! !

COFFEE SONGBIRD 〒604-0075 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Nakagyo district, Takeya cho Horikawa Higashi Nishitakeya cho 529 Phone 075-252-2781 Opening hours 12:00 - 20:00 Holidays: closed Every Thursday, the first and third Wednesdays

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